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Strawberry (Price trend of sweet and delicious Japanese strawberries)
Conditions / oita and Strawberry(2.2lb)
oita Ranking Trend and Graph
57/81 in the city
Relative to Apr,2017(#53 > #57)4Rank Down
Average Ranking #35.76(*1)

Strawberry retail price Japan ranking report

retail price of Strawberry 2.2lb in oita of May,2017 is 1,452(JPY) according to the retail price statistics survey of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications statistics Bureau ( in 81.
Since the ranking of last month is 53 place, it is 53 place > 57 so 4 Rank Down.

The oita average ranking of the aggregation period (* 1) is 35.76 place, so it can be said that it is a general region in the price range.

The highest rank in the past ranked in 1 place and 1 times in 、Jan,2017.

Conversely, the lowest rank of the past ranked in 58 place and 1 times of 、Feb,2015、Jan,2015.

*1. Includes retail price of oita, period 2015年1月 to May,2017 .

oita Statistical information list (New)

No Month Ranking Price
1 May,2017 #57 1,452(JPY) May,2017
2 Apr,2017 #53 1,508(JPY) Apr,2017
3 Mar,2017 #31 1,714(JPY) Mar,2017
4 Feb,2017 #41 1,751(JPY) Feb,2017
5 Jan,2017 MAX#1 2,523(JPY) Jan,2017
6 Dec,2016 #35 2,167(JPY) Dec,2016
7 May,2016 #38 1,576(JPY) May,2016
8 Apr,2016 #25 1,570(JPY) Apr,2016
9 Mar,2016 #29 1,864(JPY) Mar,2016
10 Feb,2016 #16 2,098(JPY) Feb,2016
11 Jan,2016 #14 2,058(JPY) Jan,2016
12 Dec,2015 #53 1,845(JPY) Dec,2015
13 May,2015 #57 1,408(JPY) May,2015
14 Apr,2015 #27 1,538(JPY) Apr,2015
15 Mar,2015 #15 1,781(JPY) Mar,2015
16 Feb,2015 MIN#58 1,665(JPY) Feb,2015
17 Jan,2015 MIN#58 1,683(JPY) Jan,2015